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  • BG-GAMER Feature Plan

    Keep up to date with what we have planned for the community.
    1. We plan to create team applications like Web Administrators, Moderators, Support and Game Hoster.

    2. 🇧🇬 За да подобрим качеството на информация в нашата общност, бяха добавени нови роли в нашият сайт и Discord сървър. За да се използват всички налични функции, всеки един от вас ще трябва да направи акаунт или да влезе в вече съществуващ за да потвърди своят Discord профил. Хората които нямат регистрация в сайта ни ще бъдат отбелязани като "гост" с ограничени права.

       🇬🇧 To improve the quality of information in our community, new roles have been added to our site and Discord server. To use all available features, each of you will need to make an account or sign in to an existing one to verify your Discord account. People who do not have registration on our site will be marked as a "guest" with limited rights.




    3. We have a plan to create a small chain of gaming servers hosted by our partners.

    4. BG-GAMER Core Update v4.5
      New Features:

      Comics, Videos/Streams, New/Posts
      Chat Rooms
      New features in our Discord Server
      Holidays Events
      Donator options (now you can help us)
      New Categories in our forum
      Integration with Kremmuna (BG-GAMER Discord Bot)
      New Language - Bulgarian 🇧🇬
      New Emoji and Reactions 😎
      New Ranks (no need to pay for that)

      @everyone ```Integration update - coming soon``` The server will soon change drastically, most ranks will be removed, new features will be added. To continue using this discord server you will 
      need to log in BG-GAMER site. https://bg-gamer.com/register/

    5. New moderation modules
      Integration with YouTube (maybe)
      RPG Module
      New announce function
      Rich text/message
      Level system
      Points system
      Stream mod
      NSFW commands