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  1. RareMobs [1.16-1.20]

    Native Minecraft Version: 1.19
    Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18 / 1.19

    Discover infinite unique custom mobs across your worlds.

    Create your custom RareMobs! As many rarities as you want. Start with four rarities: Rare, Unique, Legendary, and Mythical. Command support when you first discover each type of RareMob. Specific spawn chances for each mob type depend on rarity. Edit each rarity's particles, sheep colors, health/damage modifiers, and much more! Check out the config below.
    RareMobs is a plugin that adds custom mobs to your worlds! Whenever a mob spawns, it has a chance to become a custom rarity defined in the config, dropping more exp, dealing more damage, and having more health. When you discover a RareMob for the first time, they are added to your encyclopedia. Discover infinite RareMobs! Fill your config with as many rarities as you'd like

    MythicMobs and EliteMobs compatibility - Disable their custom mobs from spawning as RareMobs.

    - /encyclopedia [player] -> opens a gui showing all the raremobs you've discovered, or another player's encyclopedia.
    - /raremob spawn <type> <rarity> -> spawns a raremob of whatever type specified
    - /raremob killall <type> -> kills all raremobs of the specified type
    - /raremob wipedata <player> -> clears the data of a player's encyclopedia
    - raremobs.encyclopedia -> access to /encyclopedia
    - raremobs.admin.raremob -> access to /raremob (admin commands)
    Features: Cool gui with heads showcasing raremobs you've found and killed. Mobs have a chance to spawn as raremobs which will drop increased exp when killed.


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