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  1. Fair Skin Complexion

    Fair Skin Textures
    Brighter, smooth, and fine skin texture.
    Seamless and no block noise.
    Selectable Silky Skin, Wet Skin, and Goosebumps options.
    The Subsurface Scattering Disabler option fixes a vanilla bug that causes shiny lines on the skin.

    Texture Size (Body Texture): 4K BC7 Compression
    The uncompressed version and performance-optimized version are available from the LE version mod page.

    Options for Body Shapes
    Default, Skinny, and Flat options for the UNP version.
    Curvy, Slim, and Flat options for the CBBE version.

    Makeup Tweaks
    Detailed, effective, and manageable makeup textures.

    Face detail maps for the default 'Blank' and light/heavy freckle textures. These can be chosen by the Complexion slider in the character customization menu.
    This option also fixes the slight color mismatch between the head and the body that is caused by the vanilla face detail maps.

    Photorealistic mouth texture with white teeth. This texture will also be used for male characters.

    Photorealistic eye textures for human races. The textures will also be used for male characters.
    Adds new eye color variations by replacing 'bloodshot eyes' textures.
    This option also replaces female eye meshes to improve eye reflection and render the eyelashes double-sided.

    Standalone 12 eyebrows.

    Makeup Overhaul
    A set of makeup textures that allows finer tuning of the makeup such as upper/lower separated eye liner, lip gradient, etc.


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