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  1. WordPress & IPS [SSO]

    PHP 7.4+
    WordPress and IPB/IPS in your localhost [Server]

    How to install:
    Download the file [.zip archive] from my GitHub. Import "wp_api" to the "/public_html" or "/home" directory. Copy the API Key in the "wp_api" file. Add the script in the WordPress configuration file "wp-config.php". /**Enable Cookies*/ define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ); define( 'COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.your-site.com' ); Install the "WordPress SSO.xml" script as a plugin (manual) in your IPS. Go to the Plugins page and edit the WP SSO (add your API from the "wp_api"). Done, now you have SSO Bringe between your WordPress Accounts and IPS Forum. You can change the login module in IPS with redirection to "your-site.com/login".  


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